About Tim Green

Tim Green Syracuse lives in the Greater Syracuse Area and is a lawyer, television personality, former collegiate and NFL player, coach, and best-selling author. Tim attended Syracuse University where he graduated with an English Degree and was an All-American in football. in 1986, Tim was drafted in the first round to the Atlanta Falcons but in NFL off seasons he was able to become a lawyer as well as a published author before he retired from football in 1994. Tim has written two nonfiction titles: A Man and His Mother: An Adopted Son’s Search and The Dark Side of the Game.

This is an image of the cover of Tim Green's newest book, The Big Game.

The Big Game

The newest release from Tim Green. It is packed with drama, suspense, challenges, and a bit of teenage angst.

False Convictions

In this thriller, protagonist Casey Jordan fights for justice in a small town filled you (you guessed it) false convictions.

Baseball Genius

Tim Green teams up with Derek Jeter to tell the story of Jalen DeLuca and how he helps to save James “JY” Yager's career.

Touchdown Kid

Read the action-packed, heartfelt story about growing up in a rough town and winning a football scholarship as the way out.